Miroslav Bielik
Framborská 3
010 01 Žilina

Tel.: +421 41 56 20 634
Mobil: +421 903 522 652

Výhradné zastúpenie: Scandalli www.scandalli.sk

I trainned in Delicia – Harmonika Horovice, like musical instrument mechanic with specialization of accordions and harmonicas. After training I worked like mechanic and tuner in company IFM MELODIA , which was the biggest company for instrumets repairing in Czechoslovakia .

Akordeón servis - Miroslav Bielik In 1994 i have founded my own company AKORDEÓN SERVIS – MIROSLAV BIELIK , which deals with instrument service and instruments selling.

I have studied playing on accordion for 10 years.

Akordeón servis - Miroslav Bielik I work in whole territory of Slovakia and my goal is to have satisfied customers.